Been a while! But lots done 

Ok, so domain fun done!  

I now have a few more pages up.  Firstly Ibbs’N’theEd and now the Hahnemann’s Pills page.  There’s examples of each act’s music, and more to come.  Both these pages have their respective FaceBook page, just because……

Links to these pages
Ibbs’n’theEd is myself and Eddy Hanson, we have played together for some time now and I really enjoy his energy, playing and humour.

But I’m really excited about Hahnemann’s Pills at the moment.  With Sarah and Billy on board, we’ve done one proper gig and it was a lot of fun.  It was at two friend’s of the band engagement party.  We shared the stage with Cantara, an excellent Edinburgh based band.  Find info on them here .  I even got to jam along with Cantara’s ceilidh set which was a great laugh. 

 We’ve got another gig this coming Sunday, when Eddy and Joe (mr Cajon) will join us. 

Onward and sideward!! 

Author: henryibbsmusic

musician. vocals, guitar. Transatlantic folk. swing. originals. sound production.

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